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Edit resource

To edit information of an existing file:

    1. Choose a file to edit. Click on .
    2. Edit the desired information.
    3. Post

Delete resource

To delete an existing file:

    1. Choose a file to delete. Click on .
    2. Click OK to confirm.

Upload resource

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To upload and share resources:

    1. Choose a file to upload. Maximum file size: 5 MB. Allowed format for Documents: PDF, XLSX
    2. Submit
    3. Enter the required information:
       – Title. Use a title that is descriptive - "Pain Medication - Hydroxycodon Acetaminophen" is a good title/name.
       – Author. This is the creator of the document - it can be the laboratory producing a test result, or yourself if you scanned an medication image or document.
       – Document type. If you do not see the exact document type listed, select "Other document".
    4. Optional: Share this file among my groups. Select the group you want to share the file with from the list provided.
    5. Optional: File in folder. You can organize files by filing them in folders. Just enter the folder name in the space provided.
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