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Updates: 06 June 2016

Patient Functions

Upload resources
- added .jpeg to acceptable file types. IOS devices can upload photos directly from the photo library.

Invite members
- system displays existing member with exact email match including a direct link to invite to the group

Updates: 20 May 2016

Patient Functions

Manage resources
- resources type updated for TeamPatient
- folder name suggestions will only show the names of folders that belong to your network

Updates: 08 April 2016

Patient Functions

Manage groups
- added the ability to delete group
- fixed the "My groups" list display

Manage members: Invited
- added the display of email address to resend invite
- added the ability to delete invite

Manage resources
- added new file types - .jpg, .png, .xlsx
- added folder name suggestions

Manage tasks
- fixed start date and end date checks

Team Functions

- added ability to opt-in to receive group notifications
- added ability to leave the group

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